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If you’re like most people, your last memory from falling asleep last night was finding a comfortable position to sleep in. If your mattress isn’t supportive of your sleep style, that feeling likely could turn into pain or discomfort.

When they realized most people have their owned sleep position they prefer, the mattress companies developed special products that specifically cater to these different styles. Over half of Americans sleep on their side (in either a fetal position and/or stretched out completely), and there are lots of great mattress options made for those who sleep on their sides.

Side sleeping has some advantages of stomach sleeping or back sleeping. If you have sleep apnea, side sleeping prevents you from snoring. It also reduces any heartburn you may have and boosts your body’s digestion. Those benefits, however, come at a great price; side sleeping will cause weight concentration as well, which can hurt your necks, hip, or shoulders over time, which will lead to discomfort. It may also give you lower back pain and discomfort.

It’s important to find a mattress that works with your body’s individual curves for this reason. You need one that has enough plushness to let the pressure points fall and sink right into the mattress, and also give spine support to bring it into good alignment.

Keep these in mind, then consider the top 8 mattresses specifically made for side sleepers.

1.The Helix – Best for Couples

For those that sleep with a partner and/or pet, the Helix Midnight mattress may be the best one for you. The Helix Midnight is a hybrid bed which has wrapped coils and memory foam layers designed to give you relief from pressure and to match your individual body type. The mattress’s body shape layer is composed of many hundreds of these wrapped coils, which help to cradle the body. The coil layer will limit any motion transfer, which makes the bed prefect for any couples who don’t want to feel partner movements during nighttime. The coils give excellent edge support to reduce any sagging, which is a great perk when sleeping with your partner.

Helix Mattress

The Helix is a great overall mattress which has something to offer everyone, no matter the preferences you have for sleeping. You won’t sleep hot in the Helix, the coils offer excellent support, and you can get the Ultra Cool Cover option as well as the gel-infused memory foam on the top.

2.The Layla – Best Mattress for Hip Pain

If side sleepers are on a mattress that has too much firmness, they often give too much discomfort or pressure at the hips (though this shouldn’t be a problem on the Layla. The flappable all-foam Layla has a firm side and a soft side. Those who sleep on their sides will likely want to use the soft side, though it will relieve enough pressure to easy any hip pain.

The soft side has a 3” layer of the comfort memory foam, infused with cooper. It helps sleepers sink perfectly into your bed and reliefs pressure and helps your body contour perfectly into the bed. The foam minimizes any motion transfer, which makes it a great option for those who sleep with partners who are restless. Convention memory foam traps heat, and has copper infusions which makes the Layla a cooler sleeping experience.

Layla Mattress

The comfortable layers of Layla mattress give significant pressure relief and support. In our cooling performance and motion transfer performance test, Layla mattress succeed and pass it with good remarks.


3.The WinkBeds – The Best Pillow Top Mattress

The WinkBed gives you great soft comfort while not swallowing you up like many softer mattresses do. You’ll definitely want to look at a pillow top bed like the WinkBed. The pillow’s soft foams give you pressure relief for sleeping on your side, and the bouncy coils underneath the pillow top give you lots of mobility and support. 

This WinkBed is a hybrid that comes in three distinct types of firmness: Firm, Luxury Firm (which is a medium firm), and Soft. Each one of the models features a Tencel cover that helps the mattress stay cool while you sleep. It also has an exceptionally soft foam pillow top that’s gel-infused, and it gives you zoned support (this means it leaves some room for sinkage near your shoulders while also lifting your hips). I’ve tested its Luxury Firm style and I definitely think it’s a good option for those who shift between the side and back throughout the night. People who sleep strictly on their side will likely prefer the WinkBed’s Soft style, since it gives additional pressure relief.

WinkBeds Mattress

Winkbed is an exceptional and innovative amalgam of classic innerspring build up along with European style pillow top that comes with both memory and soft poly foam. It is considered a highly pressure reliving design with the firmness of pocketed coil springs edge support that maximizes the performance of the whole mattress.

4.The Leesa Studio – Best Soft Mattress

For those who enjoy napping on their sides, these can be great options. These tend to give strong support to the hips and shoulders; these pressure into the structure through the night. The Leesa Studio is my absolute favorite choice for those who sleep on their side.

If you want to cuddle into a high-quality soft mattress, definitely check out The Leesa Studio!

Leesa Mattress

It is simple in its style to be a comfy bed for plenty of sleepers. It does not have very many rings and hoots, although it has sufficiently to adjust to you if you have several worries like heat control, side support or stress alleviation.

5.The Nolah Original – Best for Pain Relief

This mattress utilizes a unique memory forma material specifically designed to provide relief from pain and pressure to your hips, back, and shoulders. It scores really well for spine alignment and responsiveness, and its breathable top layers will cradle the body to give you great support and comfort through your night.

Another great thing is that Nolah adopts an endangered animal for the benefit of animal consideration for every mattress they sell!

Nolah Mattress

The mattress’ excellence has already been proven through its recognition for numerous awards, and the fact that the company offer a free trial is ideal for those not willing to pay absurd amounts for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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6.The Bear Hybrid – The Best Hybrid Mattress

Do you like having a softer mattress but also don’t want to lose any of the bounce? A hybrid solution like the Bear Hybrid may be a great choice! This mattress is a bed-in-a-box and it has memory foams that are ultra-soft and feature pocketed high-quality coils that give you both strong mobility and quality pressure relief. 

The Bear Hybrid gives you a good bounce and an exceptionally soft texture and feel, as well as some other benefits. It has a Celliant cover and also a gel infusion inside the memory foams, and both make for a cool sleep. There is also evidence that the Celliant helps with recovery for athletes. This will be a great choice for those who are highly active. This mattress also may be good for couples, as it isolates motion and features excellent edge support, which is often a must for couples who sleep together on the mattress.

Bear Mattress

The people who want a sound sleep after the weariness of day; the Bear is the top choice for them. It has Celliant cover with gel adhesive memory foam.
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7.The Casper – The Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

Are you sick of being jammed around your shoulders when you sleep on your side? Don’t want a mattress that’s so soft you sink into it? Then the Casper will likely be the best choice for you! The system gives you more relief and support near your shoulders for body-contour and strong hip-support. This gives a feel that’s medium-firm and strikes a great balance between support and comfort, while also keeping your spine aligned.

It features Zoned Support as well as open cell foam over the top of the memory foam. These let you sink into your bed just enough, while its open-cell construction helps to defend against heat trapping that’s common with most memory foam mattresses. The extra support near the hips gives side sleepers a shoulder sink without feeling like they’re stuck in their bed.

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress which features a distinct combination of memory foam, latex and dense poly foam layers provides a stable overall sleeping experience which is appealing to a variety of different sleepers, ranging from the combo sleepers to the strict side sleepers.

8.The Loom & Leaf – Best Memory Foam Mattress

Those who enjoy a sturdy and high-quality memory foam bed, look no further than the Loom & Leaf! It gives you a feel which is far beyond much of the competition. It does cost several hundred dollars more than the average, it’s also one of the absolute most plush foam mattresses on the market, while managing to stay sturdy feeling as well! The padded, quilted top creates a cradle for your hips and shoulders, and its durable and strong foam layers will keep your spine aligned. When you compare its foam with that founded in the cheaper types of memory-foam mattresses, you’ll notice this one’s foam is firmer and more likely to keep shape as you sleep in it.

9.The Purple – The Best Cooling Mattress

If you’re trying to find a mattress which gives you lots of pressure relief and sinkage without fully enveloping your body in a hot foam? Then look no further than the Purple mattress! It has a propriety polymer-formed comfort layer which gives you excellent air flow through its structure and is fully designed to stay even in temperature through your night. The material is also bounce and ensures that you sleep on the mattress top and have lots of air flow around the body.

There are other benefits other than just having a cool sleep experience. The polymer is designed to give you a grid structure, and the wall of its grid will collapse right in the areas that need the most relief from pressure, and also stay upright in the areas you need the support. This gives you an incredibly unique mattress that gives those who sleep on their sides excellent pressure relief near the hip and shoulder, without chinsing out on the spine alignment.

Purple Mattress

To conclude, the Purple mattress, whose name is derived from the color of the company’s Hyper-Elastic polymer grid which is found in the comfort layer, a material which offers a distinctive combination of stress alleviation and reinforcement

What’s the best side sleeper mattress?

There isn’t an easy answer to the question. The mattress that is best for the side sleepers generally boils down to your preference. That being said, some are better than others! Those who sleep on their side who like a bouncier bed may want to look at innerspring or hybrid mattresses. Those who want a deep sink in the mattress should look at thick foam layers or memory foam mattresses. Those who want a natural-materials mattress should look at latex options.

How firm should its material be?

Those who sleep on their side are going to generally want a softer mattress. This will help protect them against pain and discomfort at their hips and shoulders. However, they’ll want to look at mattresses that are still supportive enough to give them good spine alignment.

Where to put the arms when sleeping on the side?

Many side sleepers keep the arms tucked near the chin. You should try to keep your arms further down. Another good tip for side sleepers is sticking a pillow between the legs to help with the spine alignment.

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