Purple Mattress Review


Purple are a leading mattress company who develop some of the best mattresses on the market, some of which are amongst the finest ‘bed in a box’ mattresses. Purple’s mattresses, which, in general boast a distinctive and fascinating layout, comprise of a hyper-elastic polymer which establishes a comfort layer. Purple, whose innovative advertising approaches are known to entice new customers, have also unveiled a novel hybrid mattress which features gel suffused within.

Both a comfort and support layer make up the Purple mattress to ensure both a durable and comfy design. Many mattresses comprise of a dense polyfoam in the support core, whereas other mattresses include pocketed coils.

Composition of the Purple mattress

The newer Purple mattress includes a somewhat dissimilar structure compared with the previous design, and despite the fact that both variations feature the company’s trademark Hyper-Elastic polymer, the newer mattress additionally features a SoftFlex cover layout which comprises polyfoam bordering the comfort layer so as to boost the edge support of the Purple mattress. 

Cover – The new cover features a SoftFlex material that’s made from a combination of polyester, viscose, and lycra. This combo is stretchy and breathable, so it moves with the Purple’s comfort layer and helps with airflow.

Comfort Layer – The comfort layer features the Hyper-Elastic Polymer which is 2-inches thick, this polymer is organized in a grid formation meaning that the grid’s walls only bend beneath pressure points yet remain solid elsewhere. Given how this material enables the mattress to provide both relaxation and reinforcement in all positions on the mattress, combo sleepers could be inclined to purchase the mattress.

Transition Layer – The transition layer, which lies beneath the comfort layer consists of 3 and a half inches of dense polyfoam, a material which is both stronger and more reinforced than the Hyper-Elastic polymer, thus preventing you from essentially being swallowed by the mattress whilst enabling you to freely navigate around the mattress

Base Layer – The base layer consists of a dense polyfoam, which is 4-inches thick. 

Should you choose the Purple mattress?

The answer to this is not simple, however the summation of my review may make your decision just that bit easier.


– The Purple mattress is firm and springy, meaning that instead of sinking into it, you are able to freely move around and change stances, a rarity for bed-in-a-box mattress, yet ideal for combo sleepers.

– The Purple mattress is perfect for combo sleepers given how it provides good movement as well as suitable stress alleviation and reinforcement for each of the 3 common sleeping stances, and although you may choose to alternate positions throughout the night, sleeping on either your side or stomach should be comfy should you remain in such position for some of the night.

– The Purple mattress is ideal for those who become warm whilst sleeping as its breathable cover and Hyper-Elastic polymer ensure a good night’s sleep at an ideal temperature.


– Given that the Purple mattress is rather firm, it is not ideal for those who tend to sleep on just the one side, in addition to this, its 2-inch thick comfort layer means that the lack of sinking space could make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep for such sleepers.

– The Purple mattress is not ideal for people who weigh more given that they are likely to sink below the comfort layers and onto the firmer layers of polyfoam.


To conclude, the Purple mattress, whose name is derived from the color of the company’s Hyper-Elastic polymer grid which is found in the comfort layer, a material which offers a distinctive combination of stress alleviation and reinforcement, is distinct from the rest of its competitors. The mattress is also marketed as “Temperature Neutral”, this is aided by the polymer grid’s open layout which lies directly beneath the cover, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep

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