Saatva Mattress Review


Brand overview

Saatva is a brand that gives priority to choices and value. It also has a responsive customer support and service. S far as Saatva brand mattress is concerned; there are three levels of firmness with two height choices that come with Saatva innerspring mattress. The pre claimed objective is to bring an eco-friendly line of mattresses that provide you a luxury feel and also come with budget prices.

Saatva components and construction

Saatva Mattress

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If we consider the structure and performance of modern mattresses, we may find that Saatva is unique I mattress world since it’s innerspring with nothing like a bed in a box hybrid. It shows that there is relatively lesser foam with more springs. It gives the feel and touch of traditional innerspring mattresses of yore. You may find a yore mattress in your grandma’s living place though these mattresses are not suitable for all but amazingly best for those who require more support.

It has three different firmness levels if we consider its strength and support. Saatva mattress has a plush soft, luxury firm, and firm levels. The luxury firm may be of a medium-firm design,

Cover structure

The cover is built from pure cotton. So the cover is gentle and breathable. This is a made of foam quilt. That gives the sleepers their required comfort and a sense of relaxation.

Pillow top level

The pillow is made of a soft layer of memory foam. It consists of individually wrapped coils to give you extra support. The segment is beneficial for the bouncy feature that is requiring positioning the sleeper in a better way on the mattress and not in the mattress. The individually fixed coils provide an isolated motion that provides a constant airflow in the bed.

If we go below the pillow top, there is located the support system of the mattress. It is built with the layer of steel coils and foam to offer immense edge support. It is wrapped around the coils to increase the mattress usable surface area. The coils work for doubling the bounce of top pillow springs. They provide extensive lift.

 Design features

Saatva Mattress

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The supporting coils give the mattress enough durability and strength. If we compare it to all-foam mattresses, this mattress is even more durable.

The micro-coil coils also assist you with contouring, spinal adjustment, and relief from back pain. These coils work without any contact with other loops, this feature is suitable for motion transfer, and they import more breathability to the mattress.

The steel coil construction makes this mattress been more vigorous and firm than average if we consider other mattresses that are reviewed. These mattresses offer great support, but the euro top provides immense pressure relief along with comfort. These specifications make this mattress compatible with all sleeping positions.

There are two sets of coils that are the best choice for increased airflow and breathing. There is enough space in coils for the flow of air throughout the mattress that may help the people for refreshing sleep.

Pressure relief and Saatva mattress

When you are sleeping on the floor, you may immediately understand the location of pressure points.  The mattress provides you excellent pressure relief.

Saatva has an approach to the pressure relief system. It comes with a 1.5 inch highly responding euro top with individual rewrapped coils that are compatible for every ode shape. There is plush foam to provide pressure relief on the shoulders and give extra support to the mattress. The center of the mattress is providing support from lumber contouring with a layer of memory foam.

If you are looking for a mattress that may provide you extra pressure relief, you may opt for a plush soft version of the mattress. It is vital for extra cushion to asst with assistance for sore joints or accommodates the curvy body. The responsiveness is the top choice for repositioning and mobility.

Support system

The support system of the Saatva mattress is amazingly praised worthy. It has two separate support levels that are built with cycled coils. The first level provides you more spinal alignment with support and cushioned sleeping experience. The foundation of the mattress is constructed with hourglass coils that make a robust base that decreases sagging fears.

The design was created to give extra durability and strength for extended-lasting usability. It ensures that the support is not temporary but long-lasting. This support system also caters to the requirements of a variety of sleeping positions and types. In particular, the HD model supports the heavier sleeper that weighs more than 300 pounds, is accommodated. This version is specially created for more significant body types.

Who should buy this mattress?

Saatva Mattress

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The Saatva mattress may accommodate different body types and sleeping habits.

Combination sleepers

If you move around the bed during sleep or frequently switch positions, you may buy this mattress. The coils in the mattress provide enough support to make it easy. The pillow top also relieves the pressure. These features are useful for a comfortable sleep. The balance of comfort and support is the specific feature of the mattress.


If you want a good value for your money, you should choose this mattress. The construction is made up of durable and top quality material. The sleepers enjoy this feature. If you are searching for a long-lasting sleeping experience, it comes in affordable pricing.

Hot sleepers

Are you a hot sleeper? This mattress is quite fit for you due to airflow through the mattress. You need not rise at night due to overheating.


Now, does Saatva mattress meet your requirements and body shape? Yes, because it may accommodate a variety of sleeper types. The Saatva loves bouncing effects that may be good for combo sleepers. The coil on the coil and innerspring structure offer excellent support. You don’t feel stuck in the mattress. Due to these facts, you may buy a Saatva mattress without any concern.

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