The 10 Best Air Mattress With Built-in Pump Of 2021

We all may have encountered many problems with using air mattresses that come with a manual air filing pump.  We may lose our manual pump or the extra space these pumps occupy; all this can hinder our usage of air mattresses.

It is true that air beds transformed our lives but a major innovation in the form of an in-built electronic pump for inflation and deflation has hit the markets now. This has completely destroyed the market for inflatable beds with manual inflation and deflation.

We must understand that such mattresses can cost as high as $150 and may even be as low as $39. Thus it is essential for us to figure out which air mattress can fulfill our requirements and which airbed can suffice us at limited costs.

Here is the perfect buying guide enlisting the best air mattresseswith a built-in pump to help our readers make the best choice and get the most peaceful sleep which every human deserves.

1.SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen is the best inflatable mattress with built-in pump available on the market.

This airbed features high-end ComfortCoil technology with 40 internal coils to offer a luxurious experience as the mattress keeps its shape throughout the night. The internal pump inflates the bed to optimal firmness in just 4 minutes.

Measuring 78 x 59 x 18 inches, this mattress is a true queen size that provides generous space for couples to sleep comfortably. Sliding remains a common problem in most inflatable mattresses, but the sure-grip bottom design featured in this mattress ensures that the mattress stays firmly in position throughout the night.

The top of this mattress is constructed from extra-thick soft flocking fabric with superior waterproof capabilities. It also features multiple layers of puncture-resistant material to guarantee the mattress’ ability to maintain air when inflated.

With all of these top-notch features, you may forget you’re sleeping on an air mattress.

2.Intex Comfort Plush Dura-Beam Airbed

The Intex airbed is a great deal due to its optimal comfort throughout the night. The brand has a great reputation for making quality air beds hence the best choice for you.

The Intex air bed is easy to inflate and takes about 4.75 minutes to inflate. It features an internal electric pump but it can also be inflated using a manual pump. The airbed surface features a soft flocking cover for enhancing extra comfort as well as quality sleep.

On top of that, the airbed is lightweight and comes with a carrying bag making it easier to transport and store. Its compact design and quality construction make the product durable hence giving you long-lasting service. With numerous features and its quality make, the airbed is a great value for money.

3.Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

With the Insta-Bed’s secondary pump, which silently and automatically maintains air pressure all night long, you’ll never wake up to a sagging, semi-deflated air mattress again.

Use the primary pump for quick, easy inflation and deflation and to set your desired firmness level: plush, medium, or firm. The mattress has a welded coil construction for comfort and a sueded top to keep bedding in place. It’s raised to make it taller and easier to get in and out of bed.

4.Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed

Designed for camping, the Lightspeed Outdoors Air Bed Mattress lives up to its name: At six pounds, pump included, this temporary air mattress option is undeniably lightweight. This camping mattress comes with a storage bag and a compact, battery-operated pump, which takes four D cells (not included). Compared to a typical plug-in air pump, the Lightspeed bed comes up short. I let it run for more than six minutes but could never get this mattress as fully inflated as I wanted. (The “deflate” setting on the air pump is similarly inefficient. I’d recommend saving the batteries and rolling up the mattress to expel air manually.)

Lightspeed Outdoors emphasizes that this camping air mattress is Phthalate- and PVC-free, constructed instead out of Thermoplastic polyurethane which feels more durable and smells less plasticky than the material used for most other air mattresses. If you’re sensitive to chemical smells or off-gassing, this mattress deserves special consideration.

This air mattress for camping measures 55×79 inches — slightly smaller than the technical queen size dimensions of 60×80 inches — but I didn’t have any problem getting standard sheets to fit snugly. And though Lightspeed doesn’t specify its weight capacity, I suspect it’s more or less in line with the others I tested. My two kids and I (combined weight: roughly 320 pounds) assembled comfortably on it.

Note that I observed that the Amazon price for this mattress varied between $40 and $100 while I was working on this article, with some colors being more expensive than others.

5.Best High-Rise Option – King Koil

To open my selection of top-rated airbeds for everyday use, here’s a model by King Koil. This is a 20-inch thick mattress that closely resembles the feel of a regular bed. So, you can easily offer it to your guests or sleep on it yourself without worrying if it’s uncomfortable or too small.

The mattress features an enhanced air coil system to retain its shape and offer you uniform support. It also uses more stretch-resistant materials, so you can expect higher durability and resistance to punctures.

The top and sides are flocked with velvet, which feels nice and soft to the touch. Plus, as it is not made of plastic, the bed is very quiet.

The built-in pump allows you to quickly deflate and inflate this airbed. There are two separate valves, and it took about 3.5 minutes for inflation and slightly more for deflation. The mattress is pretty compact in the folded state and comes with an oversized storage bag for easy storing and transportation.

Despite being in a pricier range, King Koil offers a quality inflatable mattress. Its height and the amount of comfort make it similar to a regular bed. 

6.EnerPlex Dual Pump Air Mattress

If you refuse to let rainy weather ruin your camping trip, opt for this waterproof air mattress from EnerPlex. With more than 11,500 five-star ratings, the air mattress is extremely popular on Amazon for plenty of other reasons, too. Customers love that it’s easy to inflate and that it actually stays inflated for over a week. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the air mattress is made with heavy-duty PVC that’s puncture-resistant. The top consists of a velvet-like fabric, which one reviewer confirms dries quickly when exposed to water. Unlike many other air mattresses for camping, this one is also available in a king size so you have ample space to sleep. Just note that you’ll need a portable battery pack or car outlet adapter to inflate it with the built-in pump. “This is by far the best, most durable air mattress I’ve ever had (and I’ve had plenty),” wrote one shopper.

7.Coleman SupportRest Elite Double High Airbed

The Coleman SupportRest Elite Double High Airbed with Built-in Pump is also a great air mattress—it’s a little cheaper and just as comfortable as the SoundAsleep, and it comes with a built-in pump, an 18-inch height profile, a flocked PVC top, and a one-year warranty. But the motor was a bit louder than the SoundAsleep’s, and out of the box it had a stronger plastic odor than other mattresses, so we think it’s probably worth spending the extra $20 to $30 (depending on size) for our main pick.

The Coleman does inflate in half the time it takes the SoundAsleep (a negligible difference of a minute or so), and it also stays firm throughout the night. It’s the only air mattress we recommend that has a quick-release valve to help the air escape faster when it’s time to pack it up (unlike the SoundAsleep, which can be deflated only by using the pump). It’s still a good idea to use the pump to get as much air out as possible, for more compact storage.

And the Coleman doesn’t have a cubby to store the power cord, which the SoundAsleep does. Coleman seems to have similarly good customer service—we reached out via webchat and were helped within minutes. To redeem the warranty, the company simply requires you to send photos of the damage and a copy of the receipt.

8.Sable Queen Size Air Mattresses

This unique air bed mattress is designed with I-beam air coils — as opposed to circular coils — to provide extra spinal support, and several reviewers report that it does the trick, with one calling it “extremely comfortable.” Made with durable PVC, it features a flocked top and a built-in pump that inflates it to a height of 17 inches within three to five minutes. Plus, the upper side inflates into a pillow to provide additional neck support, although your guest will probably want to supplement with a regular pillow. And it stands up to use, with reviewers saying it doesn’t deflate, even after sleeping on it for multiple nights. It comes with a patch to make any small repairs, in case of accidental punctures.

According to one reviewer: “5 different people all said this air mattress was super comfortable, and having slept on it well over 40 times myself I agree! It is very easy to inflate, and deflate, you can adjust how firm it is simply by adding or letting out some air. […] it does not let out air even after repeated nights. Highly recommend this product!”


The heavy duty Lazery Sleep Air Mattress is a raised electric airbed with built in pump & carry bag. With seven different firmness settings, this might be one of the best options for anyone looking for easy customization on their mattress choices. You can adjust the firmness of your mattress by remote control from the comfort of your bed.

The particular model listed above is the standard electric pump model. Its ComfortCoil Technology uses 40 air coils to comfortably support up to 500 pounds in weight on a leakproof design.

10.Intex Comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Airbed

There are two core things that people consider when purchasing an air mattress. This is their ability to be waterproof and puncture-free. They also put into consideration the comfort and safety of the materials used. A bag comes with this mattress to enable it to become versatile in that you can use it for both indoor and outdoor activities like camping and so on. A warranty cover is given to assure durability and quality. Inflating the air mattress is very easy and it only takes 90 seconds.


Whether your kids are having a sleepover, your parents are visiting, or your dinner party guests had a couple of glasses of wine too many to drive home safely, sometimes you end up with more people in the house than you have beds to accommodate. Airbeds with built-in pumps are quick and easy to set up and provide a surprisingly comfortable sleeping spot.

You’ll first need to decide what size airbed you need: twin, full, queen, king, or even larger. You should also think about what height or thickness you prefer. Other important features to consider include internal air coils, pressure sensors to keep the mattress properly inflated, and built-in headboards.

We’ll touch on all these factors and more in this buying guide, and we’ll also break down how much you should expect to pay. When you’re ready to buy, take a look at our picks for the best airbeds with built-in pumps on the market.Get emails you’ll love.Learn about the products you’re wondering if you should buy and get advice on using your latest purchases.

Airbeds with built-in pumps must be plugged into a power outlet to inflate. This is great for home use but isn’t ideal for camping unless you’ll have a power hookup at your campsite.



Airbeds with built-in pumps follow standard mattress sizes, so it’s fairly easy to pick out the right size to fit your needs. If you only need to sleep one, a twin airbed will suffice and is particularly desirable when you don’t have much space for setting up your airbed. The only trouble with twin airbeds is that they can be slightly too short for especially tall people. A full airbed tends to be more comfortable for a single adult if you have the room for it, and it can easily sleep two children for sleepovers or visiting family members and their children. If you want an airbed with a built-in pump to comfortably accommodate two adults, choose a queen or king model or even a California king.


When choosing an airbed with a built-in pump, you’ll need to decide between single-height and double-height models. Single-height airbeds are around the thickness you’d expect from a camping air mattress, generally between six and 10 inches tall. Single-height airbeds with built-in pumps are fairly rare, but you can find a handful of models. While single-height airbeds aren’t as comfortable as taller models, they’re significantly less expensive, plus they’re lighter and pack down smaller when not in use.

Double-height airbeds are closer to the height of a standard bed. They vary in thickness but generally measure between 19 and 22 inches when fully inflated. The extra height makes them more comfortable, and they’re highly unlikely to sag so much that you end up close to the floor. Double-height airbeds are also easier for people to get up and down from, which is great for older guests. The downside is that they cost more than single-height options and take slightly longer to inflate.

Air coils

Air coils are part of the internal structure of some airbeds with built-in pumps. They provide support for the sleeper. Airbeds with air coils are durable and long-lasting as well as comfortable and supportive, but they’re more expensive than models without air coils. If you’re planning on using your airbed for a week or two at a time, rather than a couple of nights, it’s worth investing in a model that features air coils.

DID YOU KNOW?The majority of airbeds with built-in pumps feature cord storage. That way you can tuck away the power cord before storing so it won’t get tangled or damage the airbed.STAFFBestReviews


Pressure sensor

High-end airbeds with built-in pumps sometimes contain pressure sensors to keep the bed inflated to your desired level all night long. The airbed stays plugged into an outlet, and if the sensor detects that air has leaked out and the bed has deflated slightly, the pump turns itself on to add more air and prevent sagging overnight.


Flocking is the soft, velvety surface found on some airbeds with built-in pumps. Ideally, your airbed should be flocked at least on top, but high-end models are often flocked all over. Flocking is softer to sleep on if you don’t have a fitted sheet, though we recommend using one. It also stops the annoying squeaking sound that occurs when sheets rub against bare PVC.


You can find some airbeds with built-in headboards. The headboard is inflatable, too, and pops up when you inflate the rest of the bed. The headboard helps keep pillows in place if you aren’t able to position the head of your airbed up against a wall.

Bed skirt

A handful of airbeds have built-in bed skirts. If it’s important to you that your airbed looks like a real bed, a skirted model might be what you’re after. The bed skirt doesn’t have any particular function, however, so we don’t recommend going out of your way to find a model with a bed skirt.

Storage bag

Many airbeds with built-in pumps come with storage bags. This might not seem important, but airbeds can be quite bulky. With a dedicated storage bag, it’s easier to tuck an airbed away when you’re not using it. Consider the quality of the storage bag, too, as some buyers report bags ripping after just a handful of uses.

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