The 5 Best Full Size Air Mattress Of 2021

Before listing out the best full-size air mattresses, we need to talk about air mattresses generally. Air mattresses took the world by storm since their emergence. Their most significant advantage is portability.

They become almost weightless when they are deflated. With an air mattress, who says you can’t move around with your bed? People love to camp and hike. An air mattress is ideal for the situations because of its portability.

You can inflate it when you are ready to sleep and deflate it afterward. Some people work for long hours in their offices, and they may want to take a nap for a couple of hours to re-energize themselves.

This kind of mattress is an excellent choice for the situation. Just set it up somewhere in your office, and lie on it for a short nap. Deflate it afterward.

They are also great for home use. When a visitor decides to sleep over the night in your apartment, you don’t have to look for any extra bed. If you have this bed at home, you can set it up for your visitor.

A full-size air mattress can contain either two adults or three kids. So, air mattresses are indispensable. They are so much in demand, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and types.

There are twin air mattresses, queen air mattresses, and full-size air mattresses. This review is for the best full air mattresses.

We checked the features of many full-size air mattresses and brought the ten of them with the most impressive features. So, when next you want to buy any air mattress, the ten outlined below should top your consideration list.

1.Best Inflatable Full Size Air Mattress

The stability, comfort, and support offered by this high rise mattress from Fox Airbeds are so good that we are keeping it on the top of our list. The reason for the comfort is its top memory foam layer, that responds to heat and contour your body for added relaxation.

For inflation, you get two pumps. It already has a powerful internal pump built-in, but if you want, you can use an external pump. Apart from two motors, it also includes a couple of pillows, so that you do not have to look for additional arrangements for your guests. There are five sizes of this mattress to choose –  from Twin XL to California King.

2.Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep’s most popular mattress model is the AS3, with a medium feel perfect for side sleepers and combination sleepers. The AS3 has a newer hybrid counterpart, but we’ll be focusing on the original memory foam mattress.

The 12-inch AS3 has three layers of foam. All Amerisleep foams are certified by CertiPUR-US®, which means the foam was processed without toxic materials such as mercury, lead, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, and certain flame retardants.

The top layer is 3 inches of Bio-Pur® memory foam, a more eco-friendly, breathable, and responsive alternative to traditional memory foam. Amerisleep manufacturers replace certain petrochemicals with plant-based substitutes to make Bio-Pur®.

Next is the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology. HIVE® technology contains hundreds of hexagonal cutouts separated into five zones—your head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet. The cutouts under your shoulders and hips compress for more cushion, while the cutouts under your head, back, and feet provide support.

At the bottom is 7 inches of Bio-Core® foam, a supportive material that deters sagging to extend the mattress’s lifespan. Bio-Core® is partly why Amerisleep can offer such an extensive mattress warranty.

3.SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress highlights a very sturdy and stable construction.

It is crafted from 15-gauge puncture-resistant PVC with a SureGrip bottom, and on the inside, there include 21 internal air coils that can support a max weight load of 500 pounds.

This kind of PVC, aside from puncture resistance capability, is also waterproof and eco-friendly. It also features a multi-layer flocked top for a higher comfort level.

The biggest bonus might be its built-in patented one-click pump, which is not only fast in inflating/deflating the airbed but also 20{4d406fed37a6954c280c08257ad12745a324d749616ebf4a58eef223b857f758} quieter than other competing motors. Finally, to keep all the power cord tidy and neat, it has integrated cord storage.

4.Puffy Original

The mattress has a general, soft-foam feel with a little memory foam mixed in, and it accommodates all sleeper types. It doesn’t matter whether you spend the majority of the night on your side, back or stomach. Bottom line, if you like memory foam beds but don’t want too much of it, we think you’ll enjoy the Puffy mattress.

In terms of firmness, we think the bed comes in around a medium on the soft-to-firm scale. In other words, it’s not too soft or too firm. The Puffy mattress just offers a nice harmony between comfort and support.

Yes, it’s a little more expensive than the other beds on this list (full mattress costs almost $1,000 before any discounts), but don’t pay much too much attention to MSRP. Puffy is aggressive when it comes to mattress discounts and coupon codes. You can almost always expect to receive a $250-$300 discount at checkout, which can help you get the best price on full size mattresses.

Why Puffy is a best rated full size mattress — All in all, we see Puffy has a great fit for anybody that likes the feel of a mixed foam mattress and has a little more money to spend than the average college student or teenager. If you end up getting the bed—and you know what to expect—you should be a pretty happy camper. We also appreciate that it now has a washable cover. If you’re looking for the best full size memory foam mattress, you should consider Puffy.

5.Active Era

Another high-rise option in my reviews of the best air mattresses for everyday use is Active Era. This airbed probably has the best value for money on the market. So, if you want to save money, take a look at its main features.

First, the built-in pump fully inflates the mattress in about three minutes. You can regulate the firmness level of the mattress by adding or removing some air.

Second, Active Era features an ergonomic design with slightly raised edges. They can serve as a thin pillow, if you’re a stomach sleeper and prevent you from getting uncomfortable if you prefer to snooze closer to the edge.

Finally, the manufacturer uses durable materials, so the airbed will maintain its shape and resist punctures for longer.

Overall, Active Era is a great budget-friendly option for both occasional sleeping and everyday use. It’s compact, durable, and comfortable for any type of sleeper.


If you need a spare bed for occasional use that can be packed away easily when you don’t need it, an airbed is the ideal choice. Sometimes a twin spare isn’t sufficient, but you don’t have room for a queen. Not to worry: a full airbed ticks the right boxes.

An extra bed can come in handy when your child has a sleepover, when family visits during the holidays, or when bad weather prevents a party guest from driving home. Full airbeds are also great for camping trips and should fit nicely in a three- or four-person tent with room to spare for gear.

There’s plenty to consider when searching for the perfect full airbed. Do you want a standard airbed, or do you prefer an elevated model? Would a built-in pump be convenient, or do you need an external air pump? This guide will help you answer these questions and plenty more. Read on for more information, and don’t forget to check out our favorite full airbeds.Get emails you’ll love.Learn about the products you’re wondering if you should buy and get advice on using your latest purchases.Sign up

Check the area where you intend to set up your airbed for sharp objects that could cause a puncture.


Bed height

Full airbeds are either standard height (also known as “single-height”) or elevated (also known as “double-height” or “raised”).

  • Single-height airbeds are generally somewhere between six and 10 inches tall. They tend to be inexpensive, inflate quickly, and are extremely compact when deflated and packed away, so they’re a good choice for camping trips. But they’re not as comfortable as raised models, and they are harder to get in and out of, which can be a concern for older users.
  • Double-height airbeds tend to measure between 15 and 20 inches tall, making them about as easy to get in and out of as a regular bed. They’re more comfortable than single-height airbeds and great for when you need to use an extra bed for more than a night or two. The downside is that they are slower to inflate and fairly bulky when deflated, so camping with them isn’t ideal.

Built-in pump

Double-height airbeds usually have a built-in pump that plugs into a standard power outlet. While this is handy for home use, it’s not much good for camping. Some models, however, allow you to bypass the built-in pump and use an external pump.

Internal coils

Some full airbeds feature internal coils or beams, giving you more effective and even support. Airbeds without air coils or air beams tend to sag in the center, which can result in a less comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Built-in pillow: Some full airbeds include a built-in pillow. This isn’t like a standard pillow; it’s more of a raised area at the head end. Even so, it will offer some support and elevation for your head, which is useful if you don’t want to pack a pillow or don’t have any spares at home.
  • Headboard: It isn’t a common feature, but you can find full airbeds with built-in headboards. Models with headboards take a little longer to inflate, but they will prevent your pillows or head from sliding over the end of your airbed if it isn’t positioned up against a wall.
  • Flocked top: A flocked top is a soft, velvety top layer of an airbed. Airbeds with flocked tops are more comfortable to sleep on without a sheet.
  • Storage bag: Some full airbeds include storage bags so you can pack away your airbed when not in use. This helps protect your airbed from punctures and keeps it clean between uses. If the storage bag has handles, it’s also useful for transporting your airbed on trips.

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