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Purchasing a mattress to suit your needs is a tough task, especially if it is a mattress in a box, given how an increasing number of companies are selling these nowadays provided how convenient they are to deliver. It is often the case that choosing a mattress online is amongst the last things you want to do given the difficulty of the task.

With our thorough overview, you will be able to choose the right mattress depending on your requirements, including your sleeping position of preference.

What does a Bed-in-a-Box refer to?

The term bed-in-a-box is used to refer to a mattress which is both condensed and rolled up to fit into a plastic bag or cardboard box, in which it is delivered to the customer. Once the plastic bag/cardboard box is cut open, the mattress unrolls and enlarges to its natural size, meaning that such mattresses are popular given how they are cheaper than regular mattresses and are far simpler to deliver, despite not being suitable for use upon arrival.

The majority of customers who purchase mattresses choose do so online as opposed to in store given the convenience, especially with bed-in-a-box webpages providing detailed descriptions of the product, customer feedback, numerous images, and even a feature which enables you to chat with the customer service team in real time, meaning that buying a mattress is now easier than it ever has been.

The Layla mattress- best memory foam mattress

Memory foam is a material which is used in just about every bed-in-a-box mattress, yet the memory foam within the Layla mattress is infused with copper meaning that in addition to providing the usual features of such material, such as allowing sleepers to sink into the mattress whilst conforming to the shape of their body, the coils pull warmth away from the user allowing them and the mattress to stay at a comfortable temperature.

The Layla mattress is also amongst the few reversible mattresses available on the market, this means that the mattress has a firm side and a soft side, so you can flip it depending on your preferences. The firm side consists of a 1-inch comfort layer made of memory foam, this is perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their backs, given how it is both comfortable and supports the back and shoulders. The flip side, consists of a 3-inch comfort layer devised of memory foam, this is ideal for those who sleep on their side given how it conforms to the shape of their body whilst also alleviating stress at regions such as the hips and shoulders of the sleeper.

Layla Mattress

The comfortable layers of Layla mattress give significant pressure relief and support. In our cooling performance and motion transfer performance test, Layla mattress succeed and pass it with good remarks.


The WinkBed – The Best Pillow Top Mattress

The WinkBed which is available in a variety of varying firmness levels, is not an ordinary all-foam bed-in-a-box mattress, it features a coil-on-coil structure which provides a firmer experience than standard all-foam mattresses, thus providing a more conventional experience. The WinkBed includes a pillow top area, a rarity amongst beds which are available for purchase on the internet, this pillow top area comprises of ultra-spongy foams which ensures, a comfortable sleeping experience. The pillow top area also covers the pocketed coils thus creating both firmness and springiness, an ideal balance of both stress alleviation and support at pressure points hence making it a suitable mattress for many types of sleepers.

WinkBeds Mattress

Winkbed is an exceptional and innovative amalgam of classic innerspring build up along with European style pillow top that comes with both memory and soft poly foam. It is considered a highly pressure reliving design with the firmness of pocketed coil springs edge support that maximizes the performance of the whole mattress.

Leesa Studio – Ideal mattress for shoulder ache

In my opinion the all-foam Leesa Studio mattress is ideal for those suffering with shoulder ache and in need of extra support at pressure points. The mattress’ layers of foam are designed to relive stress in the following regions: the shoulders, hips and lower back, and beneath a layer of memory foam which conforms to the shape of one’s body, a polyurethane foam layer (transition layer) is found, this enables sleepers to effectively sink into the mattress, thus mitigating discomfort which is triggered by “jamming”.

Leesa Mattress

It is simple in its style to be a comfy bed for plenty of sleepers. It does not have very many rings and hoots, although it has sufficiently to adjust to you if you have several worries like heat control, side support or stress alleviation.

Nolah Mattress- most comfortable

The Nolah mattress is amongst the comfiest mattresses available on the market, it is an extremely soft mattress and so I have ranked it at a respectable 5 out of 10 in regards to the firmness scale, with 6 and a half being required to constitute a medium firmness. The mattress’ 2 and a half inch layer of AirFoam (a memory foam substitute) creates the spongy experience for which the mattress is know, by enabling users to sink into the mattress while enjoying a level of stress alleviation.

Nolah Mattress

The mattress’ excellence has already been proven through its recognition for numerous awards, and the fact that the company offer a free trial is ideal for those not willing to pay absurd amounts for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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The Casper mattress – Ideal for side sleepers

The popular Casper mattress, which incorporates a zoned support system providing additional support around the hips whilst alleviating a greater amount of stress at the shoulders, is ideal for side sleepers. The mattress features a dual purpose, the first of which is to alleviate shoulder discomfort whilst ensuring that the spine remains aligned, thus preventing the feeling of “jamming” around the shoulders, a common occurrence with mattresses which are more firm. Concurrently, the sturdier reinforcement around the hips ensures that correct alignment of the spine is maintained by elevating the hips in line with one’s spine.

Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress which features a distinct combination of memory foam, latex and dense poly foam layers provides a stable overall sleeping experience which is appealing to a variety of different sleepers, ranging from the combo sleepers to the strict side sleepers.

The Bear mattress – Ideal for back sleepers

A combination of both spongy memory foam as well as sturdier poly foam is incorporated in the bear mattress to ensure a balanced level of firmness, which is perfect for maintaining the alignment of the spine as the hips are unable to sink below the level of the spine. Therefore, the Bear mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their back given how it provides fantastic alignment of the spine, whilst also conforming to the shape of one’s body, thus ensuring a comfortable experience.

The Bear mattress is additionally able to pull warmth away from sleepers, enabling them to remain at a comfortable temperature, this is made possible through the graphite which is infused within the memory foam. The mattress also uses a Celliant-based cover, this is a resource which is possibly able to aid athletic recuperation, and in addition to this, the company sell 2 mattresses which are somewhat spongier, these are the Bear Pro an Bear hybrid, however, if it is a mattress which is perfect for sleeping on your back which you are looking for, then look no further than the regular Bear mattress.

Bear Mattress

The people who want a sound sleep after the weariness of day; the Bear is the top choice for them. It has Celliant cover with gel adhesive memory foam.
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The Helix mattress- ideal for back ache

The Helix mattress range offer mattresses with varying degrees of support, firmness and varying resources used in each one, all of which suit a certain sleeping position, meaning that you can choose a mattress which is suitable for your needs. The regular Helix mattress range includes 6 mattresses, these vary from softer mattresses to firmer ones, whereas the Luxe range provides additional comfort and a Zoned support feature to each mattress, meaning that there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

Helix Mattress

The Helix is a great overall mattress which has something to offer everyone, no matter the preferences you have for sleeping. You won’t sleep hot in the Helix, the coils offer excellent support, and you can get the Ultra Cool Cover option as well as the gel-infused memory foam on the top.

The Purple Hybrid mattress- Ideal hybrid mattress

The Purple hybrid mattress which features patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer as opposed to polyurethane foams offers a balance of both coziness and reinforcement, it also features a lattice structure, this subsides in the regions which users require more stress alleviation whilst remaining erect in regions in need of plentiful reinforcement, meaning that it is a unique hybrid mattress.

Purple Mattress

To conclude, the Purple mattress, whose name is derived from the color of the company’s Hyper-Elastic polymer grid which is found in the comfort layer, a material which offers a distinctive combination of stress alleviation and reinforcement

The Birch Mattress- Ideal latex mattress

Should you be searching for a bed-in-a-box mattress which doesn’t consist of the common polyurethane-based foams which are used in just about every all-foam mattress, then the latex Birch Mattress is ideal for you. This mattress features numerous raw resources such as a cotton cover which is completely organic, a comfort layer composed of wool, as well as an organic portion of Talalay latex, an organic alternative to foam which helps to decrease one’s risk of being exposed to harmful substances.

Amongst the array of incredible features which make the Birch mattress an eco-friendly bed, the pocketed coils are enrobed by layers of latex, thus providing sturdy reinforcement for users, aiding spinal alignment, making it ideal for those who sleep on their front and/or back. In addition to this, so as to ensure that users do not sink too far into the mattress, making them feel “trapped”, the mattress features a fair amount of springiness, which is created by the combination of the latex and coils. A final aspect of the Birch mattress is that latex is generally more lasting that polyfoams, meaning that the mattress, which comes with a 25-year guarantee, is a worthwhile investment.

Birch Mattress

One of the most clear advantages is that the bed is made of all-organic components, indeed all Birch goods are Greenguard Gold licensed, which implies they’ve been checked for dangerous natural mixtures, biological coverage, chemicals, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

The Tuft & Needle Mattress- Greatest value for money

A comfortable mattress which features a medium firm feel, making it ideal for those who sleep on their back due to the healthy spinal alignment which it offers is the Tuft & Needle mattress. Such mattress additionally features plenty of reinforcement, making it easy to change positions without stressing about being trapped, however, users do sink into the mattress a little so as to provide the necessary stress alleviation, and given the use of a proprietary foam which features breathable properties allowing it to maintain cooler than most other foam mattresses, sleepers needn’t worry about overheating. In general, considering it’s basic yet effective structure, the Tufts & Needle Mattress is best value for money.

Tuft And Needle Mattress

If you need bounciness and a warm bed, your ideal mattress may be T&N Hybrid. They use adaptive foam and coil layers to provide an amalgam of pressure relief and support. The T&N Hybrid is brought about a transformation in the mattress industry.

Which Bed-in-a-box mattress should I buy?

There are thousands of bed-in-a-box mattresses available to buy both online and in store, choosing the right one is never an easy task. To simplify your decision, we have compiled a helpful step by step comprehensive list of things to consider when buying a mattress.

Understanding the resources – Bed-in-a-box mattresses are constructed from top quality resources which can enlarge to their usual size having been condensed, without becoming defected. The majority of such mattresses are comprised of memory foam, latex, as well as dense poly foam, while some even incorporate internal coils for extra reinforcement, all of which resources have their own exclusive aspects and constitute to a sleeping experience which is ideal for a specific type of sleeper.

Levels of firmness – The levels of fineness with bed-in-a-box mattresses vary, there are spongy mattresses and there are mattresses on the other end of the spectrum which are more rigid. Generally speaking, mattresses made out of memory foam range from spongy to fairly rigid whereas mattresses which include coils are inevitably more rigid. The level of firmness of a mattress is crucial in regards to one’s favorite sleeping position, spongier/ fairly rigid mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their side, so as to alleviate stress on the hips and shoulders, on the contrary, mattresses which are more rigid provide positional support to the spine and neck of those who sleep on their front. As for those who sleep on their back, a mattress which is fairly firm is recommended given how it provides spinal alignment whilst concurrently providing comfort to the pelvis and shoulders.

Depth – The majority of bed-in-a-box mattresses tend to be between 6 and 14 inches thick, and generally speaking thicker mattresses are spongier, and vice versa. The level of support which a mattress provides is determined by the depth, thicker mattresses will suffice on their own, whilst a box spring or another layer may be required for elevation purposes, for slimmer mattress.

Reinforcement –The majority of bed-in-a-box mattresses feature coils which provide extra reinforcement, however, no bed-in-a-box mattress can provide the same amount of reinforcement as conventional mattresses which feature metal coils. The heavier the sleeper (usually over 200 lbs.), the more support that they demand from their mattress, and if a sleeper weighs in excess of 250 pounds, the level of reinforcement is additionally important. It is important that you know the weight restrictions of a mattress so as to choose one which provides plentiful support for you and will not progressively sag or deteriorate in quality.

Size –Bed-in-a-box mattresses come in all sorts of sizes, these vary from smaller sizes perfect for cribs to California king size mattresses which suitable for, well, kings. It is often the case that manufacturer will not provide exchanges in regards to bigger/smaller mattresses, hence, the importance of measuring your bed frame, box spring and bedroom prior to purchase. It is also noteworthy that should you share your mattress, be it with a partner, child or even a pet, then you will benefit from a bigger sized mattress.

Evaluate each company – Every bed-in-a-box organization incorporates a personalized design, combination of resources, as well as a distinct experience to their mattress, hence, it is important that you are aware of your requirements and budgets prior to embarking on your quest for a mattress, so as to leave you with fewer mattresses which meet your criteria to choose from. In addition to this, in order to get the best value for your money, reading customer feedback, checking the average delivery times, returns policies, and whether or not the company offer a free trial is always a good idea prior to making a purchase.

Allow the bed-in-a-box mattress to enlarge – You should give your mattress between 1 and 2 full days to enlarge to its natural size.


To conclude, numerous bed-in-a-box mattresses are devised from sturdy materials and feature solid layer of support, enabling it to enjoy a lifespan similar to a regular mattress, yet despite a hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress usually enjoying a longer lifespan than a foam mattress, it is unlikely that it will last as long as a regular mattress, given how this doesn’t necessitate for it to be condensed in order for it to be delivered to the customer.

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