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Sleeping restfully all night and waking up refreshed in the morning is the ultimate way to pamper yourself and a high-quality mattress can contribute a lot to that.

Talking of the mattresses, the queen size mattress is undisputedly the most popular among all sizes available in the United States. This single sleeper is not too big to fit in your bedroom but is spacious enough to accommodate you and your partner.

If you’re looking for a queen size mattress that will ensure that you sleep cool and that provides you with superior comfort all a reasonable price, you must keep a few important things in mind before finalizing your purchase.

Apparently, this is not a big deal but choosing the right mattress could be a bit problematic for many people. To help you with this, I am providing you all the relevant information and my recommendations along with the reasons.

The Greatest Value Overall – The Nectar 

The memory product recently has gotten excellent reviews and it’s challenging to look for in a mattress without trying it out. They have great advertising that emphasizes its greatest features the mattress offers. The high-quality pressure relieving memory foam that the product is composed of guarantees an extremely comfortable sleeping experience.

Why is it such a big deal? Nectar gives customers an affordable price that’s difficult for other brands to beat. Each mattress is made from high-quality materials which keep sleepers nice and comfortable, and they offer a lifetime warranty and a 1-year trial. Nectar gives you a great deal for the shoppers who wish to spend less money without chinsing on quality.

With a lifetime warranty and 1-year trial, it’s hard to beat! Shoppers want to save money and have protection for the entirety of the product’s life. That’s a hard combination to beat!

The Best True Memory Foam Feel – The Layla

Layla features dual-sided memory foam which gives you Firm and Soft feels depending on which side you sleep on. The product has a lycra, viscose, and polyester cover which features proprietary ThermoGEL that is built internally within the cover. This gel increases the cover’s cooling ability. A copper infused memory foam increases temperature regulation and support, which makes this a great option for extra cooling.

Why is the Layla so special? Layla gives its users pressure relief by way of two memory foam experiences. People who enjoy softer feels can utilize Layla on the white and grey sides, and the customers who want a firmer feeling are able to enjoy Layla’s other side. These both provide the contouring feeling that users love.

Layla’s Softer side creates a hug-like feel, and the Firm gives a gentle cradling feeling. These two different options give sleepers little to lose. If the customers don’t love loving the mattress, this brand gives a lifelong warranty and a 4-month free trial.

The Most Versatile Mattress – The Casper

The Casper company began selling mattresses on the internet in 2014 and now they sell all foam mattresses which help sleepers across the country get an outstanding night of sleep. The Casper Mattress is the most popular of all their mattresses and it isn’t difficult to see why.

The product utilizes Zoned Support™ foam which helps maintain support and alignment for customers’ bodies throughout the night. They have varying foam densities to help support the sleepers throughout the night.

Why is this product so versatile? Our group selected this product since it utilizes responsive foams which don’t chinse on the comfort. Combo sleepers find that they’re able to reposition on its surface will sleep very comfortably no matter what position they sleep in.

This brand gives sleepers a variety of hybrid choices, and models at higher and lower price points than the Casper originals.

The Most Affordable Luxury – The DreamCloud

DreamClouds are premium bed which have 8 layers which reach the fifteen-inch profile. The hybrid utilizes a combo of latex, memory foam, and a 5-zoned layout and system of pocket coils. Its creative design is built to give support and comfort, which allows sleepers to maximize their night’s sleep.

What makes this special? The DreamCloud company believes its sleepers should get a great bad for an affordable price point. The luxury model is affordable at a much cheaper price than its competition. It utilizes a cashmere cover which is soft and rest on top, features a tuft design, and its support system is designed to align the curves of the sleepers.

Increasing product value is the Lifelong Warranty and 1-year Trial period. These help people feel more comfortable with the product, knowing full well that if there are any defects or any other issues, Dreamcloud has them covered!

The Best Innerspring – The Saatva

Saatva’s first premium mattress is provided to customers via a “direct-to -customer” model which allows the company to sell the mattresses to customers for cheap. This allows anyone to be able to afford to buy the mattress of their dreams.

Why is this bed the best innerspring? The Saatva company adds dual coil designs into the beds, featuring pocket coils which are stacked on top of support coils which help maximize support, balance, and comfort. This bed is great for combo sleepers which assist with moving around at night. The extra bounce is great for those couples who are moving around a lot during their sexual activities.

The bed’s top has an organic cotton pillow top and memory foam underneath for extra support. If comes with a 15-year trial and lifetime warranty as well.

The Best Cooling – Brooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Bedding company has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and they know a lot about what makes a great cool mattress! This led the Brooklyn Aurora to be created, as sleepers – starting in Phoenix – needed a cooler sleeping experience.

Why’s it so cool? The cover utilizes phase-change thermo knitting. This unique technology adapts to temperatures around it, which keep the material noticeably cool to the touch. Its first layer has a copper gel Energex™ foam and TitanCool™ tech. The gel helps transfer all heat far away from your body. This is just one of many reasons this is one of the best cooling mattresses on the market.

This Brooklyn Aurora mattress is a hybrid that many proprietary foams, coils, and memory materials to foster comfort and support. Customers can pick 3 firmness levels: Firm, Medium, and Soft. This lets shoppers select their ideal firmness level for the mattress.

The Most Socially Conscious – The Nolah

Nolah has a proprietary foam – the Nolah Air Foam™ – which replaces the brand as outdated memory and latex materials. This company states that it is superior material and it is sold at a great price point for this industry. The material has a great response for those who move a lot during sleep, and contours easily to your body as you sleep.

What makes Nolah a socially conscious option? Nolah has multiple certified foams. Nolah and Defenders of Wildlife give back to the environment by way of adopting an animal from the wild with each purchase.

If customers are not happy with their mattress during the 4-month trial, you can arrange to have it picked up and donated to a charity of your choice. Nolah mattresses give you a soft and comfy feel which leaves most sleepers in a deep hug. These responsive foams create an ideal choice for combo sleepers, especially those who sleep on their back or their side.


We hope this piece on the best queen size mattress has provided you enough information to make an informed decision and brought you a step closer to buying the best mattress. Upgrading to a queen-sized mattress or replacing an existing one is an exciting decision. We would recommend you to also review our buying guide and read through our list of the best queen size mattresses to make sure you get a mattress that fits your needs.

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