Dreamcloud Mattress Review


Are you planning to buy a new mattress but cannot decide which to buy due to the myriads of brands and models. It is a fact that every new brand and version propagates some new features in their mattresses. We are here to facilitate your shopping and help you choose the right mattress according to your sleeping habits through my honest review.

DreamCloud mattress overview

DreamCloud is an online mattress and bedding business and DreamCloud is the product of this company. In the present scenario, DreamCloud is the only mattress of this company, and in future, we may expect new models. This mattress is designed you to gives you a fantastic and quality sleeping experience with a luxurious touch. It caters for the needs of multiple sleeping habits it lesser prices with a luxury experience.

You find layers of coil springs and foam in the mattress. The eight different layers make this mattress with cashmere combined top and natural latex layer.

The DreamCloud uses innovative technology to provide you with a contouring effect and extra-spinal support. These features are vital for better sleep with a sense of relaxation after the day’s strenuous task. The mattress gives no pressure on your sensitive body parts such as hip and stomach. These specifications are essential for a supportive and cushioned sleeping experience.

The patent-pending steel built micro coils feature this mattress. These coils are particularly essential for exceptional support to rest motion transfer or t check the movement when your partners move on your bed. The springs offered airflow and fastened by gel infused into memory foam. There is an extra cooling to assist the prevention from overheating. If you are relaxed throughout the night, you will have a sound sleep. You need not rise a night due to an increase in body temperature. The bounce is offered by latex layer to provide the more comfortable body motion during the night.

Parts of DreamCloud

The DreamCloud is a hybrid type mattress that comes as the bed I a body form. It is made up of several layers of memory and polyfoam with a combination of pocketed coils. The amalgam of foams and coils is vital for a balanced sleeping experience and a feel of support. The sinking experience on the bed top is due to euro top constriction while coils provide you with a bounce. With this combination, you may switch position at night.

 Top cover

The combination of cashmere and polyester made up the cover, the quilted touch of memory foam offers a slender body contorting and makes the sink age right on the bat.


Beneath the cover, there is Eurotop that is made up of two layers of foam. The top layer consists of gel fastened memory foam that offers a fantastic body contouring and pressure elimination. The bottom layer is made of a bit firmer poly foam that is vital for supporting you while you are sinking in the bed. So it is the top option for back and side sleepers due to a blend of pressure-relieving feature and support.

Support section

Deep in the bed, there is a support layer that consists of pocketed coils. The coils are crucial for decent mobility options so that there is o stuck in feeling created for the sleeper. The customized wrapping of pocketed coils is suitable for independent movement of coils. This removes the motion transfer, and it is the best choice for couples.

Base section

Then there is the foundation of the mattress. It is made up of high-density polyfoam. This layer does not affect much on the feel of the bed. It offers a firmer and durable surface for coils to press them off the other levels.

The firmness of the DreamCloud Mattress

On the mattress firmness scale the DreamCloud measure 6.5 out of ten. It means it is a medium-firm mattress. It comes with soft top layers, and you may press it quickly, and as you hit the mattress, the supportive layers ahead become active and check further penetration. It is a fantastic blend of additional comfort with supportive coils. So it provides an average firmness.

When you lie on the DreamCloud mattress, you get a plush feel and have a sinking experience. As the top layer is made up of memory foam, moving becomes a bit difficult. But it offers you a bounce at the same time owing to coils and response from the quilted top layer.

If you have a look at the composition of DreamCloud, you will find the reasons behind its medium firmness. The combination of pressure-relieving foam and support providing coils makes it medium firm and medium soft. The reels balance the gentleness of foam, and similarly, foam competes for the coils. It is leading to provide medium firmness. This combination is an appealing feature that is good for back and side sleepers. They require pressure relief along with support to keep the spines intact.

Who should purchase this mattress?

The DreamCloud mattress caters for the needs of different types of sleepers. It matches the needs of back sleepers and partners.

Hot sleepers

Are you a hot sleeper and cannot sleep properly due to extra eat? With DreamCloud mattress, you need not wake up at nights. This mattress neither traps you, nor do you feel on the top. It has gentle infused foams and coils for airflow.

Back sleeping, people

If you are a back sleeper, you need to buy a mattress that provides a balance of support and comfort. The DreamCloud has all these features. It has medium type firmness and it’s good for back sleepers.

Side sleeps

If you are a side sleeper, it is soft enough to accommodate you. It comes with a plush comfort layer along with coils to support you.

Final verdict

DreamCloud mattress feature a hybrid design combines with top-performing foam and picketed foils for extra support to offer you a balance. You may benefit all the space of mattress due to edge support. Overall it is the top option for you.

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