The 5 Best Air Mattress Double High Of 2021

Before writing this Bestway AlwayzAire Queen Double High review, we took the time to test every feature of the mattress. We used it for several days after inflating it. We also checked customer reviews.

More importantly, we verified many of the reviews we saw. After testing the product thoroughly, we decided to recommend it to you. But before then, we need to outline the great features of this product for you.

This air bed will lift you to 18 feet above the ground. Isn’t that interesting? You can make use of its internal air pump to inflate in less than 5 minutes. The rib design of its flocked top surface prevents babies from rolling off.

Here is the bomb. This mattress has a USB port for you to charge your phone while you are asleep. We don’t have to say much about this mattress because it sells itself. We believe that a product that has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars has already sold itself. Now, let’s outline the features in details.

1.EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress 

  • EnerPlex Never-Leak Upgraded Queen Air Mattress with 2 Min Built-In Pump Technology – EnerPlex Queen Size Air Mattress offers an inflatable airbed and the fastest inflating pump on the market (120V / 210W). Only Two Minutes to Inflate a Double High Luxury Airbed! Our Queen Luxury Airbed was designed for portability and fast use. Coilbeam construction ensures maximum comfort!
  • Maximum Durability with Never Leak Technology: EnerPlex Airbeds are comprised Waterproof, puncture resistant pvc with Extreme Luxury comfort top flocking to prevent leaking or movement while sleeping – rock solid stability. Our Premium Flocked top Queen Air Mattress surface delivers a real bed sleeping experience on an inflatable air mattress.
  • Not Sold Yet ? Our 16” High Queen Airbed offers Custom Coil-Beam Technology For Extreme Comfort: The EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress Coil beams were designed to give you maximum comfort and will mimic the experience of a real bed. The Raised Queen Airbed profile makes it easy to get in and out of. Simply wake up and roll out of bed with ease after a great night’s sleep. Our airbeds are designed for indoor / outdoor use. Fastest blow up on the market.
  • Say Goodbye To Your Cheap Air Mattress, We Offer Leak-Free Technology: Not only can you blow up your Queen Air Mattress in under 2 minutes, it also holds the air! The pump allows you to inflate / deflate quickly to achieve your desired comfort level. We suggest you fill up the airbed until fully firm, let it form and then inflate / deflate to your desired level. Whether you like a firm airbed or a soft air mattress, EnerPlex has you covered.
  • Should you have any issue’s with your EnerPlex 16” Queen Air Mattress contact us directly and we will make it right immediately. Our customer service team is obsessed with making your blow-up bed experience the best. That’s the EnerPlex promise!

2.Coleman Double-High Support Rest Air Mattress

The quality of the material used in the Coleman SupportRest/GuestRest is what makes it stand out. Since it uses antimicrobial-treated material, you can take it camping again and again without worrying about mold and mildew ruining your fun.
In our analysis of 56 expert reviews, the Coleman Coleman Double-High Support Rest Air Mattress, Queen placed 15th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category.

When guests arrive, offer them the all-night comfort of a Coleman SupportRest Elite Quilted Top Double High Airbed. A removable, washable, quilted top makes it feel more like a traditional bed. It comes with the convenience of a SwiftRise built-in 120V peformance pump, which will inflate your bed in under three minutes.

3.SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Complete with all of the bells and whistles that a modern air mattress needs, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is our favorite pick out there, and it’s beloved by users as well. The queen-sized airbed is able to inflate via a built-in pump to a considerable 19 inches high, so it’s less of a struggle for guests to get in and out of bed. It’s designed with a double-height silhouette and 40 internal air coils (which mimic the coils of a traditional mattress), helping to support the user and maintain the bed’s form. Another great feature is that it rolls up into a convenient carrying case when deflated, to about the size of a small backpack.

4.Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Air Mattress

A fantastic choice if you’re looking for the best value for the best air mattresses, the Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Air Mattress will deliver convenience and comfort without breaking the bank. It comes with the choice of four sizes, including Twin bed size and Twin XL, besides the King and Queen mattress size options to suit a range of environments. The switch-inflation design uses a built-in pump to provide a hassle-free setup, and the one-year warranty and excellent customer service give you peace of mind for durability and longevity.

There is also an additional pinch valve that allows you to use an external electric pump should you need it, and it will fit existing bedsheets, eliminating the need for special designs that will take up more room in the house and the car. Because of this, it’s suitable for camping and blackouts, and with inflation in minutes, you can rest your weary self as soon as you need to.

However, you’ll need to monitor it as there is no automatic shut off for the built-in pump, as this will ensure you do not over inflate it, which could damage the construction regardless of how durable it is.

5.King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

The coil beam construction of the King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress offers greater spinal support than the average air mattress. The internal pump is fast working and allows for just as quick deflation, with both operations taking about 3 minutes. While the technology included to create the spinal support carries a 1 year warranty, the product itself is covered for 90 days. One concern for a thicker air mattress like this is getting sheets to stay on, but this particular model had no problems with standard depth queen sheets staying in place. The mattress can handle up to 600 pounds, making it one of the most durable air mattresses on the market.

How we picked and tested

We’ve been testing air mattresses since 2014, and after reading user reviews and assessing our own experiences sleeping on them, we settled on the elements that make an air mattress good for home use:

  • A built-in electric pump: These pumps allow for the fastest and fullest inflation and deflation, and an attached pump means you don’t have to store (and locate) an extra item.
  • A relatively comfortable sleeping surface: An air mattress will never be as comfortable as a real mattress, but it should be able to hold air and not noticeably deflate during the night; it’s normal to need to “top up” the mattress before each subsequent night’s sleep.
  • Good customer service and a decent warranty: Air mattresses are not durable items. Most are made from thick vinyl, but we’ve found that it’s almost impossible to entirely prevent tears or leaks. Wirecutter deputy editor Christine Cyr Clisset says she’s had at least four air mattresses die on her in the past five years.
  • A reasonable price: A cheap air mattress (less than $60 for a queen) will usually lack an adequate warranty and reliable customer service, and will have lower user ratings, too.


Q. Can I use an air mattress as a permanent bed?

A. Air mattresses aren’t usually designed for everyday use. If you sleep on it every night, durability issues will likely arise after a few months. It’s best to use an air mattress one to two times a week.

Q. How do I store an air mattress?

A. When you’re finished using your mattress, deflate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure all the air is out of it, as it’s more prone to damage while inflated. Fold the long sides of the mattress in toward the middle. Then either fold it in half or quarters or roll it up. Place it in its box or storage bag before stashing it in a closet or on a shelf. If you can’t find the box or bag, wrap it in a towel to protect it.

Q. How do I clean an air mattress?

A. First, make sure the pump is unplugged. Remove any sheets and other bedding, then run a handheld or hose vacuum over the mattress to remove crumbs, dirt, and debris. Dampen a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the mattress. Leave the mattress out to dry for four to five hours before folding it up for storage.

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