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Few people know that memory foam was developed in the 1970s by NASA to be used on spacecraft. However, since then, it has become one of the most commonly used mattress materials throughout the world. This is hardly surprising considering the features the foam is provided with. It is pressure relieving and gentle in addition to being highly cozy and comfortable. It is also capable of alleviating tension across the body while ensuring that the sleeper gets a plush sleeping environment.

The material is used in a variety of mattresses currently. It can be confusing to decide which one you should opt for. Let us elaborate on some of the best options you will find in memory foam mattresses.

1.Leesa Studio- the perfect affordable memory foam mattress

Being an all-foam bed, the Leesa Studio makes sure that you provided with optimal comfort. It has a simple design wherein the 1.5inches of comfort layer ensures that the sleeper sinks in a bit to attain the contouring feel that is characteristic of memory foam. This sinking also provides the benefit of pressure relief. The memory foam is also quite responsive, making sure that the sleeper is able to adjust positions with ease. The mattress is quite affordable, and thus you would not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get a comfortable sleep.

2.Layla- the ideal cooling memory foam mattress

People prefer memory foams due to their body-contouring features. This property makes the mattress ideal for pressure relief at hips and shoulders. While this is undoubtedly an excellent remedy for aches and pains, it can also pose the problem of overheating. However, this is not something that you would have to face with all memory foams. The all-foam Layla mattress is quite cool and manages to beat the heat perfectly.

The memory foam in Layla is infused with copper. This material serves to dissipate body heat, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable throughout the night. Furthermore, the mattress can also be flipped to either side wherein one side is firm while the other is soft. Irrespective of the side you use, you will get a cool and cushiony feel.

3.WinkBeds MemoryLux- the most suitable mattress for side sleepers

If you are one of those side sleepers who need pressure relief at hips and shoulders, the WinkBed MemoryLux mattress might just be the thing for you. Thick top layers of memory foam form part of the bed, making sure that adequate space is available for sinking and deep body contouring.

Considering the amount of memory foam used, you would expect to encounter a significant overheating issue with the mattress. However, WinkBeds has infused memory foam with gel to counter this problem. Tencel is used as a cover for the bed, which is an eco-friendly and highly breathable material. To put it simply, this mattress undoubtedly has a lot to offer to those who are willing to make use of it.

4.Nectar- the perfect cheap memory foam mattress

Memory foams tend to be quite expensive. However, if you are worried about your budget and would like to keep in check, Nectar is one of the most impressive value options you will come across. It will provide you with all the desired features without burning a hole in your pocket.

The mattress comprises of 5-inch memory foam which provides you with an incredible soft tone. The sleeper sinks deeply into the comfortable layers as the bed offers pressure relief at hips and shoulders. This mattress is mainly recommended for side sleepers or those who require cushiony support at sensitive spots along the body.

5.Bear- the ideal memory foam mattress for back sleepers

If you want a mattress that would relieve tension at your lumbar area as you sleep on your back, this Bear mattress can be the perfect option for you. Contrary to other options you will encounter, this bed will provide you with ample support, keeping your spine aligned from shoulder to hips.

This is possible because Bear has used firm sections of high-density poly foams along with soft memory foam top layer in this mattress. Therefore, not only it provided pressure relief but is quite supportive as well. If you are suffering from body pains, this might be the perfect option for you.

6.Amerisleep- most suitable memory foam for back pain

If you suffer from back pain and wish to enjoy the benefits that memory foams offer, you do not have to look beyond the Amerisleep mattresses. Five different models are provided by the brand, including eh ultra-frim AS1 and the luxurious soft AS5. The difference in the models lies in the pressure relief and support they offer. However, the common feature is that all of them are provided with gentle top layers of memory foam.

It is up to you to decide the level of firmness you want to use. However, if you suffer from back pain, the AS2 and AS3 models will work best for you. They have a medium-firm and pleasant feel and will effectively lift hips in line with shoulders. The memory foam in all the models uses open-cell design, enhancing the cooling and breathability they offer.

7.Novosbed- the perfect form memory foam mattress

If you want to avail the benefits of memory foam but want to use something firmer, you can take a look at the Novosbed mattress. The bed is available in three degrees of firmness, ranging from soft and medium to firm.

All the models are provided with the comfort of memory foam along with transition layers. However, the amount decreases from soft to firm Novosbed. Thus, the firmest of the mattress in the line provides you with a cushiony feel on shoulder and hips but with minimal sinking. This is particularly suited for those who want to sleep with a gentle touch without feeling they are stuck in the bed that is sometimes associated with memory foams.

8.Loom & Leaf- the ideal memory foam mattress for couples

Memory foam is excellent in absorbing and isolation motion, a feature not often found in other mattress materials. This is an appealing property for all sleepers but is particularly beneficial for those who sleep with a restless partner. If you are one of those couples who want to use this absorbent feature to its full potential, the Loom & Leaf mattress is just what you need.

This bed has quite a few things to offer to the couples. For one thing, it is provided with two thick layers of memory foam, which dampens movement across the mattress. Furthermore, the gel is infused in the top section of memory foam that dissipates body heat. The mattress is also quite firm, ensuring that consistent support is provided throughout. Thus, this mattress would not give you a reason to complain.

Various types of memory foam

Let us take a look at the different types of memory foam you will come across on the market. The list does not encompass all the variations of memory foam but focuses on the more common options available.

Traditional Memory Foam

This is what comes to the mind of most people when they think about memory foam. Classic memory foam is less responsive and takes some time to adapt to your movement. Thus, it offers a deeper contour. It is denser compared to other options, and it is commonly associated with the problem of overheating.

Infused Memory Foam

This memory foam retains the feature of pressure-relieving from traditional memory foam and incorporates cooling with it. The most popular variant of infused memory foam is Gel-infused. Brands are now experimenting with various materials, including copper and graphite.

Infused memory foam tends to be less dense compared to traditional memory foam since the tight structure of the material is opened up due to the infusions.

Open-Cell Memory Foam

This memory foam is similar to traditional memory foam in terms of feel. However, it is provided with tiny air pockets for enhanced breathability. Thus, it is more responsive and also has better air circulation. It is excellent for temperature regulation and keeps you cool throughout the night.

Although open-cell designs are not as commonly used as other variants we mentioned, you will still find plenty of mattresses that feature them.

Final words

The mattress you select will depend on the kind of comfort you are looking for as you sleep. However, there is a lot more to it. If you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep throughout the night, there are some other factors you will need to pay attention to.

Everything from your choice of pillows to quilts, comforters, and coverlets plays a role in your comfort level.

No one likes to sleep in a disorganized and dull room, and thus you will also have to pay attention to aesthetics as well. All in all, if you want to get a peaceful sleep throughout the night, you will need to invest in the right things.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect memory foam mattress for your use.

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